The air's full of words

The air's full of words
nobody can read but the wind,
burnt and gone in grey smoke
while cinders blow and embers sing
a mourning song to me.

Memories reduced to ashes,
smell of old paper and ink,
forgotten letters, virgin books,
childhood notes, a written past
devoured by the flames.

The air's full of words
nobody can read but the wind
and my heart sizzles, crackles
with them. Years yearn aglow
in a singeing nostalgia.

✍Quote of the day
"Time is the fire in which we burn."
(Gene Roddenberry)


Write in White

White, white, white,
nothing seen where it were.
White, white, white,
what should I write
if my mind is also in white
and gone the flair?
This immaculate mantle,
this monotonous clean tangle,
has eaten up the atmosphere.
White, white, white,
pale as death,
pure as dove,
plain as day,
but, alas! the black moo of a cow 
changes the view
and... wow! wow! wow!
the milky way's done.
The udder's frozen.
The bucket's empty.
The baby's crying.
The virginal blur disappears
and... shit!,
all words in my brain
are gone with the snow.
✍Quote of the day
White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity. White is a healing color. White is appropriate for weddings because the unity of male and female symbolizes the unity of allness.”
(Tae Yun Kim, "The First Element: Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy")


The tiny intruder

(Based on a personal experience)

No rest.
I can't resist.
That tiny creature
is spoiling, stealing my entire concentration,
its squeak torturing my mind,
getting rid of my patience,
every minute, every second.

Displaying an insolent audacity,
a haughty bravery not matching
the size of its body or its brain,
but its stupid ignorance
about how human beings behave, often,
when enemies are smaller than them,
he passed by my side once and again
as saying boldly, "I am too swift, too smart
for you, old lady, don't try to catch me
for I am sure you can't. Never!"

Holy cow!, how dare you treat me like this?

He went up and down the door blanket
(a kind of curtain at the entrance)
as an athlete competing for a medal
in Disneyland Olympic Games,
ran under the sofa, reached the carpet,
stopped for a while in front of the tv,
as showing a deep interest in the movie,
climbed the puff and there he stood up
on its reddish rear limbs. What the hell?
Was he ignoring my presence?
That piece of shit looked
so self-confident and merry!
Was he laughing at me?
We were there playing at Tom & Jerry.

The intruder managed
to be the unwanted guest
through a wall hole he made
by the iron fireplace.
He ran from the snow
into our private life by night
assuming people inside
were sleeping like logs;
he knows not my strange habits!,
kind of bat, owl; an awake nighter,
a night watchwoman.
Making no noise
in my wool slippers, I approached him
when walking confidently on the counter
in the kitchen."Asshole!
Your life is in my hands!".
In a cool frenzy I chased him under a glass,
"what a quick move I made, my God!",
So proud of myself
for such an easy victory.
"Poor little one!", I thought
in a mixture of content and revenge.

And here were my choices:
I could hear the devil whispering
"poison him","take the broom
and smash him with no pity, girl",
"flush him to hell with me
in the toilet",but, at the same time,
I could hear the voice of my inside angel
telling me, "don't kill him, he's helpless",
"feed him and take care of him
till weather changes".

I chose the latter option, of course,
for I am not mean, but nice
to this mouse and all mice
with the only exception of
some kind I will not mention.
So I dropped him inside a hardboard box
with a transparent top, fed him
a tasty cookie to keep him silent,
busy, comfy and warm. He ate it quickly
and as soon as he felt stronger
he began jumping with great joy,
climbing its prison walls up
to reach the glassy cover.
I also put some water
in a round plastic lid from which he drank
and, afterwards, he took a bath as if he were
a wealthy little gentleman, what a treat!;
that funny fluffy creature made me laugh.

I must confess at this point of my story
that I was happy contemplating
how well he had welcome all my presents,
but... this silly tiny mouse made a mistake:
he tried to escape
nibbling the bottom of his cage away
so, in another quick move,
this old lady put him outside,
in the open where he came from, again.
The furry visit was over for good.

For you know, my dear readers,
everyone has to pay a price
to enjoy his freedom.
Hospitality means
fulfilling the host's rules,
no matter you agree with them or not.
You always have to lose part of yourself
to get a long-for granted privilege.
It's just a simple question of principles,
a fair exchange of things. Consideration,
respect, education, common sense...

Definitions depend on which side you are,
the one who owns or the one who comes
(i.e. the legal citizen and the illegal immigrant)
"That´s up to you", "that's for me",
"as easy as that","take it or leave".
And above all, please, don't disturb me.
Behave the way I want for I'm your friend,
provided you never steal my landlord's rights
or try to change my habits in my own place.

Behave or else...
you will end up
like this poor tiny mouse
I tried to help with mercy
that cold night inside our house:
The next morning
he was found upside down,
frozen outside in the snow.
For both parties then...
full peaceful rest!

✍Quotes of the day
- "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."
(Walt Disney)

- "Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end."
(Walt Disney)

- "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."
(Desmond Tutu)


White night

(I've tried to put into words a vivid experience I've had tonight)

The night is white tonight, 
so strangely white...

Ghostly trees, in wedding dress,
stand high like traffic lights.
Even silence is white marble
and I feel my soul so pure...
Can't see the moon
Can't see the stars,
only a virginal landscape, 
and the sun has been stolen
its warm eternal allure
to the brightness of this mantle
all around has now surrendered
in a newest winter miracle,
hopes and happiness reborn.
Nothing moves in still wonder
as if God had come down here
with flakes shining in soft lamps,
defeating darkness, revealing
His divine message, "don't fear".

Tonight the night is white, 
so strangely white...

✍Quote of the day
"The snow itself is lonely or, if you prefer, self-sufficient. There is no other time when the whole world seems
composed of one thing and one thing only."
(Joseph Wood Krutch)


Symbiosis (Nature's love)

Ivy survives green,
growing up, growing on,
embracing the dry dying trunk,

 hollow, yet full of pride,
as a brave warrior 
still standing upright 
fighting storms and old age.
Roots hidden,
entwined under the earth,
both nourished by the same rain.

(Dryads play with Artemis)

Two hearts, one soul, 

in sweet solitude
Living on wise sap
in silent dialogue:

- your fault is my fault
- your faith is my faith
- your fall is my fall

Strong or weak,
weak or strong,
together for good, 
depending on each other,
caring for each other,
committing (not competing) to each other

That's how Nature teaches us
what true love,


✍Quotes of the day
- "This old stone tower was very massive--and rather ruinous, too, for it was Roman, and four hundred years old. Yes, and handsome, after a rude fashion, and clothed with ivy from base to summit, as with a shirt of scale mail."
( Mark Twain)
- "Direct the clasping ivy where to climb."
(John Milton)
"One man's poison ivy is another man's spinach." 
(George Ade)